how to change name in truecaller

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

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How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

Truecaller is one of the biggest phone directory company out there,

This amazing application not only saves us from spam calls but also tells us who is calling on our number,

Whenever someone calls you, Truecaller shows you the Name of that person, even if the number is not saved in your contact book.

But sometimes even Truecaller shows you a wrong name and this is not very much acceptable if you are trying to build a brand around your name or your business name,

Why Truecaller Shows the Wrong Name at First Place??

Well, Truecaller gathers name and other details from the phone books of all smartphones on which Truecaller application has been installed,

So basically Truecaller crowdsource this information and this is where things get messed up sometimes,

For example:-

Just say your name is Peter and you work at a pizza outlet.

It is possible that a number of your customers save your name as “Peter Pizza Delivery” in their contact books,

And when those customers install Truecaller on the smartphone then it gathers this information from all those contact books,

And it will assume that your phone number belongs to a person was name is “Peter pizza delivery”

So this is the main reason why sometimes Truecaller shows a wrong name.

And even if your phone number was belonged to someone else before then there are chances that the Truecaller database may be stored that old information.

Let’s Understand how to fix This mistake,

How to Change a Wrong Name in Truecaller Database Real Quick:-

First Method

1. First Download Truecaller application in your Smartphone,

Truecaller for Android.

Truecaller for iPhone.

2. Now open Truecaller application and simply sign-in into your Truecaller Account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet.

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

3. Now simply click on Three lines on the Left upper corner of Truecaller application.

4. And click on “Edit Profile“.

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

5. Now it will open a new window, simply click on the little “pencil” icon next to your name.

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

6. It will show you the name that is currently saved by you in the Truecaller database.

7. Simply Change the First and Last name by correcting any mistake that you did in the past while typing your account name on Truecaller.

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

8. Now click on the little (✓) icon on the right upper corner to save this Change.

So this is how you can correct the wrong name detail of your number on Truecaller.

Second Method:-

Using this method you can simply suggest Truecaller the right name of a number that shows the wrong name.

1. Simply open the Truecaller Website in your browser.

How to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names

2. Now click on “Sign-in” and login into your Truecaller Account.

3. Now type your number in the box given at the top of the Truecaller Website.

4. And click on Search

5. It will show you the name that is currently added to the Truecaller database.

6. Now Click on the “Suggest Name” option below the name.

7. Now put in the Name in the give Box and select if you are suggesting this for

Individual Person.

• Business.

8. And now Click on “Save

9. You will get this Success message after doing this and it will send Truecaller an intimation to change your name in their Database.

This is how you can change the wrong name in the Truecaller database using the Truecaller Website.


Remember that both the above methods may take some time to reflect changes made by you and you cannot expect that the corrected name will immediately begin to reflect on the Truecaller application or website.

This is how to Change if Truecaller Is Showing Wrong Names and I hope this article will help you If Truecaller is showing the wrong name.

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