How to connect Airpods Pro To MacBook Pro Easily

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As we all know that connecting Airpods Pro to an iPhone or iPad is the most simplest thing to do because we just need to Open the case and tap on the connect in the pop-up that shows on our device screen. But the process of connecting our Airpods pro and airpods to a computer is not that much straight let me show you how you can connect your Airpods Pro to your MacBook Pro and other Macs.

1. Open System Preference > Bluetooth in Your Mac. Also check that your Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Now Press and hold the Setup button on your Airpods case, until the light on the case turns White and also make sure that your Airpods are Already in the case.

3. Your Airpods Pro will show up with a ‘Connect’ button in Your “System Preference > Bluetooth”.

4. Now Click on ‘Connect’ . Now it will ask you if you want to enable “Hey Siri” on your Airpods Pro. You can either set this up or simply cancel it. After this step your Airpods Pro will appear under your device list that means your Airpods Pro are now successfully paired with your Mac.

5. Once Airpods Pro got connected to your Mac then you can click on option to change the configuration for Automatic ear detection and Noise control toggles etc.

So this is How you can easily connect your Airpods Pro to your MacBook Pro and other Mac Devices, just make sure that your macOS is 10.15.1 or Later to ensure that all Airpods models will work fine with your Mac.

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