How To Download From Netflix

How To Download From Netflix

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Netflix is one of the most famous streaming service provider in the world,

And by purchasing a Netflix membership you can easily watch a tonnes of Super HDR10+ Movies and Netflix original series,

But sometimes we need to download these movies and shows to watch them Later but how can we actually Download from Netflix?

So today let me help you with this question for once and for all:-

Follow the Steps Below:-

How To Download From Netflix:-

1. Open your Netflix application on your Smartphone:-

Android | IOS

How To Download From Netflix

2. Now simply Login into your Netflix account with a activated Subscription of Netflix.

3. Now simply open any Movie or Netflix show and on the right side You will see a “Download” button.

How To Download From Netflix

4. Click on it and it will start downloading your selected movie or Netflix Original series.

5. You can check your download status or already downloaded movies by clicking on “Downloads” icon at the bottom of main page of Netflix.

How To Download From Netflix

6. You can even select the Download Quality of your Netflix video to get the maximum quality or to save some data.

7. Simply Click on “More” icon Next to Downloads option on the main page of Netflix.

8. Now select “App Settings” to access the download control panel.

9. After selecting this option it will take you to the next page with all download related options.

How To Download From Netflix

10. On this page you can select following things.

Download Quality of your Netflix videos.

• Downloading method (WiFi/Mobile Data).

• Your Downloading Location.

• And also the Video Streaming Medium.

11. Simply click on Download video Quality and select your preferred quality in which you want to download your favourite Netflix movies or shows.

12. So this is how you can download from Netflix and this method is super easy to follow.


Watching Netflix is surely one of the best thing, especially when we have to spend good quality time but if you need to save some good movies offline then this guide will help you for sure.

If you still have any questions then do let me know in the comments below.

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Can you download Netflix shows and watch offline?

YES, its easy to download netflix shows and watch them offline, just follow this simple guide.

How can I download movies to watch offline?

you need a proper netflix plan to be eligible for offline download movies and shows offline, for better understanding follow this simple guide.

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