How To Use Digilocker With Your Adhar Card?? Your Ultimate Guide !!

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How To Use Digilocker With Your Adhar Card?? Your Ultimate Guide !!

In this modern age, no one wants to carry the physical documents because physical documents have a limited lifespan and how to carry everywhere.

To provide a good solution for carrying these documents the Government of India launched its own application by the name of digilocker, this application is officially announced by the government of India in its digital India campaign.

You can simply carry most of your government ideas and educational certificates in Digilocker because of the various tie UPS of Digi locker with road transport and highway ministry and other government departments.

these are some examples of mostly used documents by an Indian that you can easily store in your Digilocker.

1. Adhar Card.

2. PAN Card.

3. Driving License.

4. Educational certificates.

5. Passport.

6. Income tax statements. Etc…

The best part of digilocker is that whenever you need any of these documents and other documents that are listed in digilocker you don’t really need them in physically you just use your digilocker to show the respective person your valid documents in Digilocker.

How To Create a DigiLocker account to save your Adhar Card and other government IDs??

1. Download Digilocker in your Android by clicking here.

2. Open Digilocker and for sign up in your Digilocker, you have to put your mobile, Adhar Card that is linked to your mobile number in uidai portal while creating your adhar card.

3. Fill all required details and click on sign-up.

4. Now it will send an OTP on your registered mobile number that is linked to your Adhar Card.

5. Put that OTP in the given box and click on sign-up.

6. Now it will ask you to add “ Issued Documents “

7. Simply click on Get Issued Documents and now it will ask your Adhar Card number.

8. Put your Adhar Card number and click proceed and now it will again send you an OTP to your registered mobile number.

9. Put that OTP and click on Add.

10. Congratulations now you successfully added Your Adhar Card in your Digilocker application.

This also acts as “E Adhar” because it’s electrically saved in your Digilocker application.

Now to add your Driving license, PAN Card and other documents you need to click on each document individually and put their required details in your Digilocker.

friends digilocker are it totally free application to use and make it easy to carry your all documents with you without actually carrying them physically.

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