Jio UPI is finally Here, Use Jio For UPI Payments Now

Jio UPI is finally Here, Jio UPI Payments

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Jio UPI is finally Here, Jio UPI Payments

Hi friends,

In the past few years after the demonetization affect the uses of online wallets and UPI payments increased gradually,

Your might already using some famous UPI apps like:-

1. Google pay.

2. Phone Pay.

3. Paytm Bank.

4. Other Bank UPI.

Frankly speaking, using UPI as a payment method is way easier than transferring money from your bank itself,

And that’s why many leading companies are now just launching their payment solutions and UPI platforms,

And Reliance Jio is no exception in this,

It’s finally confirmed that Reliance jio started offering their new UPI service in Their “MyJio” application,

although this feature is currently available for a limited amount of jio customers as a testing phase,

you can open your Myjio application and check if there is any new UPI option added or not because it’s not yet available for everyone.

You can create your own virtual payment address (VPA) with the UPI handle “@Jio

And just like jio WhatsApp is also trying to launch its own UPI payment method in their application.

It will be interesting to see Once Jio launched this UPI payment option for all jio users because this will for sure give a good competition to other big names in the Payment industry.

I will keep you updated about how to use Jio UPI payments, once it launched officially for everyone.

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What Is Jio UPI?

Jio UPI is basically a new addition in current Jio services and by jio upi, you can make and receive payments using your jio VPA address itself.

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