Realme Buds Air Top Features and Why It's Better Then Airpods

Realme Buds Air Top Features and Why It’s Better Then Airpods

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Realme Buds Air Top Features and Why It's Better Then Airpods
Realme Buds Air Top Features and Why It’s Better Then Airpods

This year Realme launched their brand new Realme Buds Air that looks like an exact clone of Apple Airpods and no one can tell the difference between the Buds Air and Airpods by just looking at them.

Surprisingly realme managed to bring almost 70 present of Airpods features in the Buds Air at a very less and aggressive competitive price of 3999 Rs. Only.

Let’s talk about some great features of Realme Buds Air:-

1. They support 10w Wireless charging as well type c charging and the total battery life of the Buds Air is 3 hours And 17 hours with the case that comes with Realme Buds Air.

2. Buds Air Support Bluetooth 5.0 technology that makes it pair more fastly with your Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices.

3. They also support “Low Latency Mode” to make the latency of your games as low as 100 or below and as per my personal use there is still some high Latency issue even in the low latency mode.

4. The caring case acts as a connecting method as well charging station for you bud air because there are three light indicators green, Yellow and red that indicates Above 75%, 50%, and extremely low battery.

5. The base and trebles are really great and overall listings experience was very great and comfortable.

6. Pairing these is as easy as [Airpods pro] and just require to pull them out of the box and they automatically connect to the last connected device.

7. These Buds Air also has some sensors that detect when you are listing and when not and play and pause your music accordingly.

8. Buds air support Touch Controls with some 2-3 types of tapping system to select what you want to do with your buds air.

9. The fitting of these Buds air totally depends on your ears type because this particular Airpods’ style is not ideal for most of the people.

10. And at last, the noise cancelation is not that great and you can easily hear outside noise while wearing these Buds Air.


So I give these Buds Air a rating of 8/10 in my review and the biggest role in this rating is the selling price of Realme Buds Air on Flipkart at 3999 Rs. And for this price, it’s a steal for its features and you will surely enjoy these as your daily audio listing device whether you want to list audiobooks or listen to Your favorite music, you will love this Buds air for sure.

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