Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus, Which One is Better?

Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus, Which One is Better?

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Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus, Which One is Better?

Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus

Many of you are preparing for some government exams for sure and we all know how hard it is to reach our coachings daily Sharp at the given time by coaching Institutes.

No matter if there is raining or a very Hot summer day. So we can say that the traditional education system of India sucks really bad.

That’s why Unacademy launched in India to make students life more relaxed and give them an option to do studies from home.

If you want to learn in Dept about what is Unacademy and unacademy plus then read this article.

So let’s get started about our today’s topic that should we really need the unacademy plus membership?

So let’s see what extra we get into this unacademy plus plan.

Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus, Which One is Better?

So all unacademy plus plans are different different according to the syllabus and requirements to fulfill the course.

For this example i selected the ” Kerala PSC ” exam and in this Plus membership we get:-

• 30+ hours of daily live seasons.

• Full course in English and Malayalam languages.

• 27+ top educators of Unacademy plus.

• access to new courses publish each month.

Free version of Unacademy includes.

• Free Mock tests.

• Free previews of Unacademy plus lectures.

• Updates in syllabus.

• No live Seasons.

• Download free course.


So these are some examples of what will you get in a unacademy plus membership, particularly for Kerala PSC course.

I can understand that unacademy is providing both free and premium services but if you ask me that should you buy the plus membership??

Well my answer is that it’s depends on you, because there are still a lot of content available for free on unacademy and you can also test the unacademy Plus videos for free Upto a allowed limit.

No matter which plan you choose on unacademy, i can assure you that you will love their services and quality of teachers.

Most Asked Questions About Unacademy vs Unacademy Plus, Which One is Better?

What is Unacademy Plus?

Unacademy Plus is a Paid service of Unacademy team where they provide live classes and many more.

What is Unacademy?

Unacademy is an Online Learning Platform, Where you can learn about any course you want to learn.

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